Super Troopers 2 Finishes Production, Now Awaiting Release Date

Super Troopers 2, the upcoming crowdunfed sequel to the cult classic comedy, is nearly finished. Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe behind the franchise, wrote on its website (via IGN) recently that the sequel has finished the editing and post-production process.

Broken Lizard also clarified in the post that it's been screening an unfinished version of Super Troopers 2 to test which jokes work. Those in attendance at these screenings saw a film with unfinished sound and music and a lower-resolution picture overall.

"It's important to do those screenings before everything is locked in, so we can see what works and what doesn't, what jokes play and what jokes suck and then make adjustments accordingly," Broken Lizard said (via IGN). "But at some point you have to stop that process and lock everything in. The sound mix and the color correction mark the end of that process. Both are exciting, not just because they are the final steps, but because they vastly improve the film."

So with post-production finished, what's next? Now, the movie is turned over to distributor Fox Searchlight, which has reviewed the movie and will assign a release date soon, it seems. At that point, you can expect the first trailers, posters, and other promotional materials to go out.

"It's painful to wait for this process because we're dying to share this film with you, but each step takes us closer," Broken Lizard said. "Again, we could not have done this without you and we thank you for all of your help. All the best, Chickenf*&kers!"

Broken Lizard raised $4.6 million on Indiegogo to help bring Super Troopers 2 to fruition. You can watch the original crowdfunding campaign video above.

2001's Super Troopers starred the five members of Broken Lizard--Erik Stolhanske, Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernan, and Paul Soter--as hapless Vermont troopers who get mixed up in something they couldn't have expected. The movie also featured Brian Cox, Daniel von Bargen, and Lynda Carter.

They all return for the sequel, while Rob Lowe joins as a new character, according to Deadline. In terms of the story, Soter told MovieWeb all the way back in 2009 that the film sees the officers sent to the Canadian border to a town that was thought to be Canadian soil but is actually part of the US. "We essentially have to impose US law on a bunch of Canadians that aren't at all happy about it," Soter said.

It's been a long time coming for Super Troopers 2, as the first day of filming was back in October 2015.

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