PS4's LawBreakers Suffering From Technical Issue On Launch Day

LawBreakers, the new arena shooter from Boss Key Studios and Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski, is now available for both PC and PS4. While the PC version appears to be in good shape--and is good fun, as you'd expect from a game with lasers you can shoot out of your boots as you retreat--the PS4 version has been encountering some troubles on launch day.

Numerous players have reported issues of hitching when playing the console version of LawBreakers; during gameplay things will freeze for a fraction of a second. It's not a huge amount of time, but it's nonetheless more than enough to be an annoyance, not to mention a real hindrance in a fast-paced competitive shooter.

Boss Key Studios and publisher Nexon have already acknowledged that they are aware of the problem and looking to fix it. A tweet from Boss Key suggests the problem is limited to "when players change roles/leave match." Many players report this happening mid-match when they're doing neither of those things, though perhaps other players doing so is what triggers the issue.

Boss Key COO Arjan Brussee remarked on Twitter, "Here's my official statement on this issue: %]?!*$&@;\><?•=. Fnck. Fixing now." Prior to that, he responded to a question about the problem by saying, "We broke something (showed only after we unlocked everything) and thought we fixed it. Accelerating hotfix patch process."

LawBreakers is the debut game from Boss Key, which was founded by Brussee and Bleszinski back in 2014. It's a class-based first-person shooter that is multiplayer-only--and, as such, carries a $30/£25/AU$45 price tag.

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