Game Of Thrones Creators Break Down Newest Episode

Tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, "The Spoils of War," had a number of standout moments. There was a huge battle and two characters met for the first time since Season 1. It was a lot to take in and think about. You can read GameSpot's breakdown of the biggest moments in this spoiler-filled post.

And if you want to hear directly from creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, HBO has now posted a behind-the-scenes video in which they talk about the key sequences in the episode and what they mean to them. Of course, this video is overflowing with spoilers, so be aware of that before jumping in.

The Spoils of War was the shortest episode in the history of Game of Thrones, coming in at just 50 minutes. The next episode, Episode 5, will be back to around normal, clocking in at 59 minutes.

A full trailer for the fifth episode has not been released yet, but you can watch a teaser right here.

While Game of Thrones will end with the upcoming Season 8, HBO is exploring as many as five prequels, so fans will get more.

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