Watch The New Trailer For Superhero Spoof Show The Tick

Following last year's pilot episode, the full season of the offbeat superhero show The Tick hits Amazon in August. The first trailer has been released--it's a mix of action and comedy, and definitely doesn't take itself very seriously. Check it out below:

The first six episode of The Tick will hit Amazon on August 25, with the following six due in 2018. The show stars Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Serafinowicz as the antennae-spouting hero of the title. He is joined by Griffin Newman (Search Party) as his reluctant accountant sidekick Arthur Everest, and Watchmen star Jackie Earl Haley, who plays the villainous Terror.

The Tick was created by Ben Edlund and first appeared in 1986 as a spoof of superheroes, initially in a comic strip before heading up his own title in 1988. Edlund is an executive producer on the show.

This will be the third time the character has been adapted for TV. In the mid-90s he featured in an animated series, while a live-action show was broadcast on Fox in 2001. Although that only lasted nine episodes, it received strong reviews and has since gained a cult following. A terrible side-scrolling beat-em up video game was also released in 1994.

from GameSpot News