Sub-Zero Now Available In Injustice 2

The latest DLC fighter is now available in Injustice 2. You can now pick up Sub-Zero, one of the iconic characters from the Mortal Kombat series, to play in the superhero fighting game.

Sub-Zero isn't on sale yet as a standalone purchase, however. To access him, you need to have bought either Fighter Pack 1, the Ultimate Pack, the Ultimate Edition, or the Digital Deluxe Edition. The Fighter Pack 1 DLC costs $20 and also comes with Red Hood, who was released last month, and Starfire, who will presumably be coming sometime in the near future.

If you don't want to drop the money on the entire pack, you'll be able to pick up Sub-Zero by himself on July 18 for $6.

Fans of Mortal Kombat know what to expect from Sub-Zero, as he plays pretty much the same in Injustice 2 as in the Mortal Kombat games. His moves include freezing opponents and making weapons out of ice. You can see his entire moveset in the video above.

Developer NetherRealm Studios hasn't announced an exact release date for Starfire. Given the schedule for the other two Fighter Pack 1 characters, it's likely that she'll arrive in August. A total of at least nine characters, including the three in Fighter Pack 1, will be released as DLC for Injustice 2.

from GameSpot News