PS4 Version Of Twin Peaks-Inspired Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park Announced

Last week, Maniac Mansion co-creator Ron Gilbert teased that his latest point-and-click adventure, Thimbleweed Park, is coming to Switch when he tweeted a video of himself playing the game on Nintendo's console. As it turns out, Thimbleweed Park is also arriving on PlayStation 4 this summer, Gilbert announced today.

In a post on PlayStation Blog, Gilbert confirmed that the retro-styled adventure game is releasing for Sony's console on August 22. "Ever since the initial launch on 30th March, we’ve been hammered with questions about when it’ll be coming to PlayStation," the post reads. "It’s exciting to see that the interest in this game extends far beyond the die-hard adventure game fans who backed it and we’re thrilled to bring Thimbleweed Park to a whole new audience with our PS4 launch on 22nd August."

Thimbleweed Park first debuted for Xbox One and PC earlier this year. The game was funded through Kickstarter and is a spiritual successor to the aforementioned Maniac Mansion. The story begins when agents Ray and Reyes arrive in the eponymous town to investigate a murder, but soon become embroiled in something much deeper. The game was inspired by television series like The X-Files and Twin Peaks and features five characters that players can freely switch between during the course of the adventure.

Gilbert has not yet announced a release date for the Switch version of Thimbleweed Park. The game is also slated to arrive on mobile devices sometime this year. GameSpot gave Thimbleweed Park 7/10 in our review and called it "a time capsule that reminds us what we love about the point-and-click genre."

from GameSpot News