Pokemon Go's First Live Event Begins Today, May Summon The First Legendary

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is hosting the first official live event for the popular mobile game today in Chicago's Grant Park. The sold-out Pokemon Go Fest begins at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET, but those who aren't able to attend the event in-person can still watch a livestream of it below or on Twitch.

Even if you can't attend the event, you'll want to tune in to the livestream, as Niantic has all but confirmed that this will be the weekend that Legendary Pokemon finally appear in the game. The developer has been teasing Legendaries for a long time now, but this will be players' first opportunity to battle and potentially catch one.

In order to make a Legendary Pokemon appear, players around the world will need to capture a certain number of monsters during the event's Challenge Windows. If the players at the event are able to defeat the Legendary Pokemon, it will begin appearing worldwide. Based on the recent live-action trailer that Niantic released, it appears Legendary Pokemon will be fought the same way as standard Raid Battles, so players will need to cooperate to whittle away its health and defeat it.

We still don't know which--if any--Legendary Pokemon will appear, so today's event should be interesting for Pokemon Go players. Niantic is hosting a number of other Pokemon Go live events around the world this summer; you can find more details on those here.

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