Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' Monthly Update Delayed Due To Server Issues

Over the past week, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has been running into server issues. This has caused many players to frequently lose connection to the game, and it compelled developer Bluehole to do emergency maintenance on them. However, the problem's been pervasive enough that the studio has had to delay the monthly update for July by one week, to August 3.

The studio announced the delay on Twitter, saying that it needs extra time to smooth things out. "Due to the client crash issue we are dealing [with] in the internal build, we need to push the monthly update by 1 week," it wrote.

Bluehole hasn't revealed all of the changes and additions coming in the update, but we do know that it'll include new, first-person servers. These will be added alongside the existing servers, so no one will be forced to play in first-person. Alongside this, Bluehole will be improving the first-person perspective.

In other news, Bluehole proved this week that no matter who you are, the game's terms of service still apply. A popular Battlegrounds streamer killed a squadmate in order to free up space in a vehicle, which prompted Bluehole to ban him from the game for a short time. Creator Brendan "Playerunknown" Greene and the streamer then got into a Twitter argument over it.

In addition, Battlegrounds recently passed Grand Theft Auto V to become fourth all-time on Steam for peak concurrent players. It has also sold a lot of copies, blowing through the 4 million mark and, according to Steamspy, hovering right around 5 million now.

from GameSpot News