Nintendo Switch Adding Two Great Party Game Compilations

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic local multiplayer console, and Nintendo has positioned it as a good platform for party games. It's not too surprising, then, that Jackbox Games has revealed that two of its party game compilations, Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2, are coming to Switch.

The studio announced the ports on its Facebook page, but it provided little more information. Jackbox Games hasn't stated when the packs will be released or how much they'll cost, although they're currently $25 each on Steam.

Jackbox Party Pack 1 includes You Don't Know Jack, Fibbage XL, Drawful, Word Spud, and Lie Swatter; the second pack features Fibbage 2, Earwax, Bidiots, Quiplash, and Bomb Corp. Personally, I'm particularly fond of Fibbage and Drawful, but Quiplash is great if you like to stream games and can get a big audience to play along.

The studio actually launched Jackbox Party Pack 3 on Switch earlier this year. It is also currently working on a fourth pack for release this fall, although it hasn't announced platforms for it yet. You can read more about the games coming in Jackbox Party Pack 4 here.

from GameSpot News