Nier: Automata Creator Shares His Favorite PS4 Games

Yoko Taro, the developer known for wearing a moon helmet for any public appearance, has gained a lot of attention due to this year's release of Platinum Games' acclaimed action game Nier: Automata. Today, he shared some interesting facts about what he enjoys playing.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Taro listed seven of his favorite PS4 games. From the list, it's clear that he definitely prefers adventure games and RPGs. Horizon: Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy XV are the two biggest games on the list, while he's also a fan of titles like Gravity Rush 2 and The Last Guardian.

The Danganronpa series of visual novels also appears on his top seven, and he cites its cinematography and "great tempo" as reasons for his appreciation of it. He also added, "I go out to drink with the scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka once in a while too, but when I saw his piercing eyes that appear as though he doesn’t trust anyone around him, I thought, 'Ah, he does seem like the person that would create a mad game like Danganronpa…'"

Rounding out the list are the 2D shooter Resogun and the episodic game Life Is Strange. Taro lauded Life Is Strange's graphical fidelity and narrative tone. He also lamented the fact that developer Dontnod's previous game, Remember Me, hasn't been localized in Japan yet. You can read more of his comments on the games over at the PS Blog.

In other news, Nier: Automata has continued to sell well since its release earlier this year. It crossed 1.5 million units shipped in May. In addition, it received bizarre DLC where you fight the CEO of publisher Square Enix earlier this year.

from GameSpot News