New Rick And Morty Trailer Teases Season 3 Mad Max Tribute

I want to watch an entire documentary on the making of a Rick and Morty episode. Until that happens, there's a tounge-in-cheek teaser trailer for season 3 of the show embedded above to help fill that longing.

Showing off scenes from the second episode of Rick and Morty titled Wasteland, both the episode and the trailer's behind-the-scenes style clearly riff on last year's blockbuster success, Mad Max: Fury Road. But you don't need to read my description of it; just watch the video.

Season 3 debuted a little earlier than fans expected this year, kicking off with an April Fool's "gag" wherein the entire first episode was posted online. That was followed by the reveal of the actual premiere date: the show will officially come back to Cartoon Network on July 30. However, whether Rick will be successful in his journey to get Szechuan Sauce back in McDonalds restaurants remains to be seen.

from GameSpot News