E3 2017: Rocket League Cross-Play For Xbox One-Switch Happening, But PS4 Left Out

Today during Nintendo's E3 2017 briefing, Psyonix announced that Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch with support for cross-network play. Now, Psyonix has provided more specifics, saying Switch users can play with Xbox One and Steam players.

There was no mention of PlayStation 4 in Psyonix's blog post. We have followed up with Psyonix in an attempt to get more details on why PS4 is not supported.

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch supports TV and mobile play (of course), as well as online and local multiplayer. Online multiplayer supports up to eight players, Psyonix said. The Switch version of Rocket League has all the same content, features, and updates from the other editions. There are exclusive Battle-Car and customization items, including Mario and Luigi hat toppers.

Rocket League's Switch edition will launch this holiday, though a specific release date has not been announced. More details about the game will be announced later this year.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced a new, unified version of Minecraft that would support cross-play between Xbox One and Switch, but not PS4. Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft's Dave McCarthy said the company is hopeful that its discussions with Sony eventually bear fruit, but that is not happening anytime soon, it seems.

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