E3 2017: New Kirby Game Revealed For Nintendo Switch

A brand-new side-scrolling Kirby game was announced for Nintendo Switch during Nintendo's Spotlight presentation at E3 with a general release date of 2018. The new game wasn't given a specific title and is currently referred to only as "Kirby."

The brief reveal video shown during the presentation suggests that the new Kirby Switch game will support up to four players for co-op platforming. Kirby, in addition to sucking in enemies and acquiring their powers, now has the option to turn enemies into allies that can be controlled by either the CPU or a real-life player.

While the new Kirby game is scheduled to arrive next year, 2017 will see three other Kirby games hit 3DS to celebrate the series' 25th Anniversary. These upcoming games include Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, Kirby's Blowout Blast, and another multiplayer-focused Kirby game that has yet to be fully revealed.

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