E3 2017: New God Of War Trailer Released, Release Date Set For Early 2018

During Sony's E3 conference, we got to see some brand-new footage of God of War, featuring Kratos and his adventures in a new land. What starts out as a cinematic trailer leads into quick clips of gameplay, with Kratos dishing out damage using an axe and shield. This includes some brutal moments, such as one where he cuts an enemy in half, while another sees him throw his weapon out in an arc. There's also a brief moment of humor with a character who comments on Kratos' fighting.

Kratos at one point can be seen paddling a boat through a body of water, while a later sequence involving a boat shows Kratos and his son next to a massive creature called the World's Serpent. Several moments show Kratos interacting with his son, who can seemingly interpret the language spoken by the World's Serpent, who allegedly wants to help Kratos.

Keep an eye on our liveblog of the Sony conference and our E3 2017 hub for more news and impressions about God of War and many other games. We'll add the God of War trailer above once it's online.

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