E3 2017: New Destiny 2 Cinematic Trailer Shows Strong Story Focus

Just now, Bungie has shown off more of Destiny 2 on the stage at Sony's E3 press conference. Although Sony didn't show any gameplay, it did reveal a new narrative trailer that suggests a strong story focus for the game.

It's narrated by Ghaul, the hulking, massive emperor of the Cabal who acts as the main antagonist in Destiny 2. The video reiterates what Bungie has said before: it's concentrating heavily on the game's story, attempting to go in-depth into the universe and the motivations of the characters.

We will get the video embedded as soon as we can at the top of this article. In the meantime, you can read a lot more about Destiny 2 from its official reveal, including about how it's adding the ability for solo players to find groups to play Raids with.

Stay tuned to our liveblog of the Sony conference and our E3 2017 hub for more news and impressions about Destiny 2 and many other titles coming up.

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