E3 2017: Need For Speed: Payback Gameplay Trailer Shows A Chase From Various Perspectives

The E3 2017 reveal of new Need For Speed: Payback gameplay at EA Play showcased involving pursuits mixed with cutscenes. It looks to blend the narrative focus of Need For Speed: The Run with the involving chases of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. In a scene that felt inspired by The Fast and The Furious, we see co-protagonists Jess and Tyler partnering up in a mobile heist as they go after a truck transporting an exotic car.

If this clip is indicative of the full game experience, expect brief cutscenes as narrative rewards for completing objectives, while the characters themselves perform the heavy lifting during the cinematics. You won't have to worry about controlling Jess as she makes a death-defying leap unto the truck; just get her to the truck. Then there are the enforcers, who you have to fend off as they attempt to protect the truck. Getting these aggressors to crash without crashing yourself is the signature gameplay pedigree of Ghost Games.

Check out our hub for more of GameSpot's E3 coverage. Need For Speed: Payback is scheduled for release on November 10, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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