E3 2017: Life Is Strange Dev Shows Off New Trailer For Vampyr, Its New Action-RPG

Life is Strange developer DontNod is finally showing off their latest title Vampyr, a seedy action-RPG. You'll play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a man who's two sides of the same coin: a doctor and vampire. You're a famous surgeon, known for your dedication to saving lives during the Spanish Flu epidemic, that has returned home from the Great War and cursed with vampirism.

On top of struggling to find your humanity, you'll have to be careful about who you choose to condemn, and who you choose to save, in order to develop your powers. You'll need to get stronger to fend off vampire hunters, skal, and other monsters along the dark and gritty streets of 1918 London. As you dive into the lives of the people around you, you'll find that everyone is connected--be prepared to face the consequences and change the fate of London for better or for worse.

Vampyr will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime in November 2017. Pre-orders are open now. Dontnod also has a Life is Strange sequel in the works. For everything E3 2017, make sure to follow all of our coverage here.

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