E3 2017: Final Fantasy XV Gets New PlayStation VR Game, Monsters Of The Deep

Final Fantasy XV is getting a new VR component called Monsters of the Deep. Unlike the Final Fantasy XV's previously announced VR component, which was a shooting gallery-esque title, this new VR game focuses primarily on fishing.

While you'll spend your time catching all manner of sea creatures, it seems you'll also spend time hanging out with the game's characters during quieter moments, like sitting around an open fire and roasting food. It's currently unclear if Monsters of the Deep will include the previously announced shooting mini-game. It's also worth noting that it still looks to take place from the perspective of Prompto.

Final Fantasy XV: Monsters of the Deep is set to launch September 2017 for PlayStation VR. For more, check out roundup of Sony's E3 press conference news. Other announcements included a new Monster Hunter game and Skyrim VR for PS4.

from GameSpot News http://ift.tt/2rp8cf3