E3 2017: Destiny 2 PC Release Date Announced, Coming Almost Two Months After PS4/Xbox One

Activision had previously indicated that Destiny 2 might not arrive on PC until after the console versions. Alongside news that the console versions are actually coming a bit sooner than anticipated, the publisher confirmed a PC release date.

Destiny 2 launches for PC on October 24. That's just under two months after it's due out on PS4 and Xbox One; those versions are now scheduled for release on September 6. Additionally, details of the beta were confirmed for consoles. The PC version will be getting a beta, but a precise date was not shared--we only know it's due out in "late August."

Sony's E3 press conference brought with it a new trailer for Destiny 2, which you can check out above. It also revealed the PS4-exclusive items that will be available--there's a Strike, multiplayer map, and other content that will only be on PS4 until at least Fall 2018.

Although the wait is unfortunate for those on PC, the computer version sounds as if it may be worth the wait. It supports higher resolutions and framerates and will operate off of Blizzard's Battle.net platform.

from GameSpot News http://ift.tt/2shCaWq