E3 2017: All The PSVR Games At Sony's Press Conference

At Sony's E3 2017 press conference today, the company showed off a bunch of PSVR games. If you've got the headset for PS4, then today was likely pretty exciting. From Superhot to Skyrim, the VR playing field looks pretty good for the near future.

We've gathered up all of the VR games shown at the conference; check them out below! Also, catch up on with our roundup of all the news from the Sony Press conference roundup, and check back throughout this week on our E3 hub.

Superhot VR

Although it has already been out for some quite some time on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, today Sony announced that the popular shooter Superhot is coming to the PlayStation VR headset. If you want to feel like an action-movie hero, this is your best chance. A red, pixelated action hero.

Star Child

Not much is known about Star Child at the moment, besides that it's in development at developer Playful and it looks beautiful.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

There's a new Final Fantasy XV spinoff, and it tasks you with...fishing in virtual reality. You'll also hang out with the main characters around a fire, roast some food, and almost certainly fight some monsters. Monster of the Deep is coming in September.

Bravo Team

Bravo Team looks like it will try to provide a very traditional shooting experience through PSVR. The developer, Supermassive, is well known for Until Dawn, but it also worked on Killzone HD, so it has some experience in the shooting genre as well.

The Inpatient

Another Supermassive game, The Inpatient seems to take place in a psychiatric ward. Given the setting and developer's pedigree, there's a strong chance this could be set in the same universe as the thriller Until Dawn.


An adorable PSVR adventure, Moss looks like it channels the children's Redwall book series because of its mousey protagonist. Rather than putting you in a first-person view of the action, you'll look down on Moss's adventure from a higher-up vantage point.

Skyrim VR

It seems like there's nothing Skyrim doesn't run on. Originally released in 2011, Bethesda confirmed new details about the Switch version during its press conference, and now Sony is locking in a PSVR edition of Skyrim. Skyrim looks like it will allow you to play the entire game from the comfort of virtual reality, and it joins the ranks of Bethesda's other recent VR versions of Doom and Fallout 4.

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