E3 2017: All The Microsoft Xbox Press Conference Trailers

With new footage of Anthem, Crackdown 3, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Sea of Thieves, there was definitely a lot to take in during Microsoft's press conference. You can check out our roundup to see all of the Microsoft press conference news. Below, you'll find all of the trailers shared as part of the event.


Debut Gameplay Trailer: Here's our first look at Bioware's new IP. In this video, we got to see just how exploration and combat go together in this shared online open world shooter.

Assassin's Creed: Origins

Reveal Trailer: After about a week of leaks from Ubisoft's next open world title, we finally got to see the proper unveiling of the new game set in Ancient Egypt.

Crackdown 3

Terry Crews and Action Gameplay: Since going dark after its debut back in 2014, the game had gone dark for many years--but now, we finally see its return, and Terry Crews was there to show off his guns too.

Dragonball Fighter Z

Debut Gameplay: With its announcement a few days ago, we finally got to see the next game in the Dragon Ball series in action, and it looks to be as over the top and exciting as a DBZ 3v3 fighter can get.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Dominating Warlords Trailer: Check out the new gameplay video featuring Talion's new wraith abilities, which he uses to build his own army to battle Sauron.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Launch Exclusive Trailer: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is a pretty big deal, and we suspect it might be even more popular once it launches on Xbox One this year.

Sea Of Thieves

A Pirate's Life Full Of High Seas Battles And Treasure: In this new video for Sea Of Thieves, we're finally able to see just complicated the life of a pirate can be in Rare's new online exploration game.

State of Decay 2

Survival Trailer: In State of Decay 2, it's not easy surviving in the zombie apocalypse, and tough choices must be made in order to live to another day.

There were a lot of trailers shown during Microsoft's press conference--far too many to embed them all here. Below, you'll find links out to every other video that was shown during the event.

Now those are just the big titles--here's a list of every other game that made an appearance during the press conference.

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