Braid, The Witness Dev Shows Off Prototype For Next Game

Jonathan Blow, the creator of acclaimed titles Braid and The Witness, has shown off a very early version of his next game, which as of yet has not been officially announced.

The unnamed game briefly appeared during a presentation at the Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, where Blow delivered a talk on making game programming a little easier. During this, he showcased a grid-based game where a character is able to push around a block.

You can see the game at the 5:32:45 mark below.

Blow emphasised that the game was in a very early stage of development as he had instead been focusing efforts on making the in-game editor and engine. This engine, Blow said, will be given away for free for other developers to use.

The game itself is currently at "25+ hours of single-player gameplay," but it is "not polished yet" and most of the levels look "like programmer art slabs." He didn't want to show more of the game because there wasn't enough time and he didn't want to officially announce it.

Blow's last game, The Witness, began full development in 2008 and was released in 2016. In GameSpot's The Witness review, Mike Mahardy awarded it a 9/10, saying that it "molds its world, puzzles, and themes into such a layered, cohesive whole that, if we look hard enough, we'll keep finding new ways to perceive it."

from GameSpot News