New Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Video Shows Off Open World, Stealth Gameplay, More

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's open world represents a new step for the series, and now developer CI Games has released a new video to show off how that world changes things up.

The video, which you can watch below, also showcases the game's challenge mode and some of the stealth and sniping mechanics seen in the game. Take a look for yourself:

Challenge mode is a tougher variant on standard Side Op missions. You might need to take over a base, or infiltrate a heavily defended command room, as in the video.

As well as shifting to an open-world, Ghost Warrior 3 is also the first in the series to feature multiplayer. You can read more about all of the major changes in our interview with CI's CEO, Marek Tyminski, or take a look at the game in action with some beta gameplay.

The game was recently delayed and will now launch worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 25.

We enjoyed the most recent release in the Ghost Warrior series, with reviewer Brett Todd calling 2013's Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 "a worthy sniping experience." Read our full review here.

An unrelated franchise from developer Rebellion Developments called Sniper Elite recently saw its latest release. Sniper Elite 4, which launched in February, fared well in our review: critic Richard Wakeling said the series is finally "living up to its long-standing potential." Read more in our full Sniper Elite 4 review.

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